Monday, 23 November 2009

Self Portrait

The picture features possessions of mine that I carry around everyday, and items that I cannot live without.

For example:

  • My unlimited Cinema card. I'm a film fanatic and this card proves it! I recently bought a years access to my local cinema and the card is always on me in case I want to run in and see a movie.
  • Negatives, to represent my passion for photography.
  • A glove featuring the logo of my favorite band, 30 Seconds To Mars.
  • iPod and Blackberry - I use my iPod for movies and music (two main obsessions of mine) and my Blackberry is always on me for emails regarding photo passes.
  • Money, Oyster Card and debit card - the essentials!

After scanning the photo into the computer, I opened it into Photoshop and done the following:

  • Went to filter gallery and used a cutout filter
  • Applied a plastic wrap filter
  • Made it slightly lighter with levels
  • Played about with the colour balance to bring out more colour