Saturday, 2 January 2010

Blog Analysis

I was asked by my tutor to have a browse at the blogs of other students in my class. I picked out a few that I liked:

  • Nice white background which makes her images stand out and posts easy to read
  • Clear labels which makes it easy to navigate around the blog
  • Lots of posts to have a read through - each is annotated well
  • My favorite post is the one with candles. I love black and white images. It's artistic and it resembles black and white film photography which I also love.
Life And ND Photography

  • I like that the labels are on the left hand side rather than on the right which is more common. You can see them straight away along with the title which is really good if you're eager to find something specific.
  • All of the images are annotated well and she has clearly explained what steps she made in photoshop to get her final image
  • It could be good sometimes if the original photo was posted to see what it looked like before
  • More photos because the ones posted already are great!

Lillian's Photography

  • The Paramore photo is really good! Lily has manipulated it really well
  • The choice of light blue writing is good as it's easy to read on the black background
  • I like the banner in the title as it goes with the rest of the blog
  • It would be good to see some more posts too as the rest are really smart ideas

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