Monday, 11 January 2010

Blog Analysis


  • It's nice to see a wide layout, as all of the blogs in our class are narrow. By using a wide layout, Jonathan is able to display bigger images. Additionally, the reader doesn't have to scroll down as much to read posts because the writing is spread out more.
  • The navigation is very easy to use. It's spread out and labeled well with headings.
  • The neutral background and fonts bring more attention to the images. They really stand out because of their colour and size.
  • If I could change one thing, it would be for the blog to have a name instead of ".". It would make the blog easier to find for future reference.


  • Not many blogs have videos, but Feed-Noise appeared to have one which I was initially interested to watch. But when I clicked play, It didn't work. It would be good if maybe the author regularly browsed posts to notice and correct errors like these!
  • The white font on black background makes text really easy to read, and the images stand out.
  • On some of the posts with alot of photos, it could be good to put the text before the images so that the reader understands what they are looking at.
  • Links to references are a nice addition as the reader can carry on their research.

Siobhan Dunne

  • Nice image on the left hand side of the page makes the blog different from others.
  • The about me is awesome because the reader is given an insight into what the blog is used for, the subject of the photos and a small background of the author. The hyperlink to a more detailed profile is a nice touch.
  • There are no labels, which could become a problem the more posts the blog has. Readers could find it hard to navigate around the site.
  • Some posts are unfortunately empty which makes the blog look slightly messy.

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