Monday, 4 January 2010


I decided to make some improvements to my blog - to make it visually, the best I can and to keep it new and interesting.

The first change I made was to add a search box using the gadgets tool in "customise blog".
This was because the more posts I make over the next two years, the harder it may be to find some of my images.
For example, the reader may want to find a scan of headphones without trailing through several pages of my blog and so the search box can be used by entering the key words "scan" and "headphones" to find it easier.

From looking at other people's blogs, I saw that by putting their labels at the top of the right hand, it them a lot easier to find. I decided to do the same as previously you had to scroll to find them.
Next I moved my "blog archive" gadget higher up the page above "followers". This is because the archive is more important and should therefore have more priority.
The orange font of "followers" was also changed to pink to match the rest of my blog.

Finally I added a text box underneath my self portrait on the right.
This was because I noticed that readers other than my college peers were following me. It's just a short paragraph to explain what my blog is used for, and who I am.

I've decided to keep the colour schemes and layout of my blog the same because I feel that it is already easy to read and navigate.
The white background is good as it doesn't distract you away or clash colours with the images that I post.

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