Saturday, 2 January 2010


This picture was taken to demonstrate high key lighting for my "In A New Light Project".
Natural lighting was used, and by taking the image in a well lit, white painted staircase, I managed to bounce the light off the walls surrounding us creating a shadowless image.

I then ran the photo through photoshop, making it slightly lighter using curves and levels, dodging the white background and shirt to blend them slightly and burning parts of her hair to bring out the colours even more.
I also saturated parts of her lip to bring the pink out.This next picture was taken a while ago, but I'm using it to show low key lighting. It has a moody feel to it because of the colours and lighting. It was taken in a staircase in Hyde Park at night, so that was how I achieved the darkness, and the light coming from above left was from a street light lighting the staircase for the public. I made her stand halfway up the staircase so that the light was shining directly into her, and made her look towards it to light her face.

Enhanced in photoshop, I can't remember what exactly I did but I would have messed around with the contrast, saturation and colour balance.

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